Gangvide Farm Hem Svenska/Swedish

American car Meet Gotland 2017
Load up for midsummer 2017, we are running with a similar concept as 2016. Ls mer >>>

Football camp 2017- Idrottens
We have from 2009 upp to 2016 had a visit from Boo FF, Uppsala, IF, and Hgersten IF.
Ls mer >>>

Fun in the countryside
A little of everything: horse tractor, rabbits, pony trekking, canoeing, Viking ...

Have fun on Gangvidefarm

It is on the Gangvidefarm that happens
Gangvidefarm and its environment, space, privacy, service, accommodation and the
personal hospitality allows us to offer programs for, team bulding, weddings, anniversary, celebrations, exhibitions, tours, etc.
Welcome with your request for quotation and for references.
During the summer we arranged barbecues for our guests and residents in Nr area.

Wedding at Nrsakar and the wedding dinner at Gangvidefarm

Kickan and BBQ tools att your service!